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At Nap Club, we are dedicated to nurturing your journey toward holistic well-being. Our mission is to offer a sanctuary where skincare transcends beauty, intertwining with overall wellness and self-empowerment.


We believe in listening deeply to the body's needs, providing gender-affirming care, and crafting experiences and products that are not just treatments, but steps towards a more connected and harmonious self. In our embrace, every individual is welcomed and guided towards a radiant union of inner and outer beauty.

Nap Club's studio exclusively features Botnia Skincare, an esthetician-created and herbalist-formulated small batch skincare line, used in each custom-crafted apothecary style facial.

Our professional back bar contains 23 products designed with the health of the skin, our body’s largest organ, in mind. Taking a gentle approach, we believe that skincare treatments should soothe, nourish, and heal the skin, never stripping it or treating it aggressively. 

Our apothecary-style back bar rewards experimentation and creativity, with every treatment freshly crafted by you at the time of service. You won’t find any pre-made mixes here, but you will find a complete toolkit of skin remedies to design customized services for each client.

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